Covenant: A Superteam Novel

(Whoosh! Bam! Pow! #3)

Five heroes united to serve mankind!
Skyrider! The champion of the skies.
Chimpion! A cybernetically enhanced chimpanzee and master of martial arts.
Servant! The invulnerable strongman.
App! The world’s first open-source superhero, able to download an array of body hacks.
Steam-Dragon! The mechanical marvel with razor sharp claws.

In the aftermath of the events of Burn Baby Burn, Sarah Buchanan lives a quiet, small town life, hiding one dangerous secret. She’s the world-famous superhero known as Skyrider, leader of the government-sanctioned superteam the Covenant. Not even her husband knows about her dual life. When a legion of superpowered dervishes declare war on America, the Covenant must work around the clock to track down the mastermind behind them. With Sarah spending less and less time and home, and her excuses running thin on why she keeps showing up covered with bruises, the strain on her marriage reaches a breaking point. She wants nothing more than to quit being Skyrider and return to ordinary life, but when ghosts from her past threaten the world she faces the ultimate test: Can she save the world and still save her marriage?

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