My imagination is too warped to be limited to just dragons and superheroes. I also play with steam-punk in a sequel to the original Wizard of Oz novel,Bad Wizard.

For deeper madness, I turn to short stories. My collections areThere is No Wheel  The Jagged Gate and Life in a Moment. Be warned, there are some dark and disturbing sights waiting for you in the pages of these books. Cannibals and circus freaks, fallen angels and fallen men, pursuing their dark dreams amid trailer parks, drowned cities, and quiet, small towns haunted by secrets.

HOWEVER! You might have clicked on the "Weird Stuff" logo looking for truly hardcore, beyond the pale strangeness, and the only thing stranger than fiction is reality. You're in luck! I have two non-fiction books exploring the darker fringes of the world. The first is a book on real world monsters, Cryptids: How We Know They are Real. The second is a look into the most depraved being known to mankind: The professional author. If you're made of stern stuff, check out Write: Daydream, Type, Profit, Repeat!