Life in a Moment:

Ten Flights into Darkness

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Crows gather in a barren field. A woman with muddy fingernails lifts a skull from a splintered coffin. A bloodied switchblade clatters to the pavement behind an all-night diner. The wind howls as a naked man stumbles through snow. On a stony hillside, a lonely old farmer shovels beneath starlight, digging to awaken something ancient... and hungry.

The light is fading.

In ten haunting stories, James Maxey guides you deeper into darkness through realms of terror and wonder.

The stories (with teaser text from each):

Lonely Hill
“Maybe we stepped through a vagina door after all.”

I Wear Devils
“Awesome. Now help me into my straitjacket.”

Clockwork Melting
I’m a walking, breathing ship of Theseus.
Only the brain remains, fragmented, fractured, filled up.

Mercy is for Morning
My only weapon was my copy of Les Misérables.
There were worse books to use in self-defense, but still.

Suzie Durham, Reaper of Souls
Luckily, late-night grocery store dress codes are notoriously lax.

Angst of an Atomic Ant
“Please don’t crush my skull like a melon,” Dr. Mayhem whimpered.

Angel Hunted
“Am I really Albert Einstein? Or am I only his memory?”

Queen of Mars
I was going to die because of my stupid cat.

The Map of the Drowned City
The people who lived here might have watched the waters claim one cobblestone at a time, year after year, until endless loss became the normal course of life, and none could remember that the streets had once been dry.

Life in a Moment
It was and is and always will be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.