Beware the Bugs! 

You like big bugs that fill the sky?
Here's a giant butterfly!
We've got beetles & no-see-ums
That are bigger than museums!
Want ants & wasps & flies
Of an amazing size?
You'll find them when you look
Inside this awesome book!

Beware the Bugs! assembles an international crew of acclaimed authors to bring you a kid-friendly collection of twenty-one terrific tales of behemoth beetles, astonishing arachnids, monstrous millipedes, and atomic ants! A must-read book for all lovers of creepy, crawly chaos!

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Word Balloon Anthologies

Exciting Science Fiction and Fantasy for Readers 8 and up! 

Paradoxical Pets

Not all pets are cute and cuddly... a dinosaur can be your buddy!

Paradoxical Pets has 31 stories by top-notch writers exploring wild and wondrous animal companions, with dragons, dodos, space rats, ghost cats, polar bears, magical dogs, and more! 

Cover art and select interior illustrations by Kelsie Brumet!

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Rockets & Robots!

​A sabotaged spacecraft hurtles toward destruction. Around a black hole, an alien tree sinks roots beneath reality. During a solar eclipse, tourists shimmer and vanish like ghosts. Elsewhen, dinosaurs explore a portal to a parallel Earth. In the clouds above Venus, the survival of a city depends on a restless cat. Just when things can't get worse, the pumpkins rise up in rebellion! Nobody said exploring the universe would be easy! Blast off for adventure with bold visions of tomorrow in ... Rockets & Robots!

Rockets & Robots assembles an international crew of acclaimed authors to bring you a kid-friendly collection of twenty-two amazing adventures set in the far future or on distant worlds. A must-read for lovers of science fiction!

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